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How To Maintain Inner Body Temperature?

It is no secret that decreased metabolism results in obesity and increased weight. No matter how many strict programs or vigorous exercise routines you use, it will all go to waste if the body does not function effectively and if the metabolism is reduced.

A recent research conducted by a team of Stanford scientists found out the root cause behind slowed metabolism and increased weight, which is a low inner body temperature.

The optimum body temperature is 37 degrees Celsius or 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. The body needs to maintain this temperature for it to work effectively. For every one-degree drop in body temperature, the metabolism slows down by 13% or more.

Dr Patla Alpilean Real Or Fake?

After our team started to research, we found some Alpilean reviews and complaints. A lot of customers were complaining about Alpilean, and by reviewing most of the complaints, we can divide them into two types:

#1: The first type was scammed with FAKE BOTTLES from sites such as other online stores. 

You can see that the fake Alpilean bottle contain 60 caps (while the original product has only 30 caps) and has a different design.

#2: The second type of Alpilean complaints are not negative reviews, but about they did not get any changes after a week or two of using the product. (All images below

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Below are Some Screenshots (People Purchased from the Third Party Websites)

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Real Users

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Deborah is 34 lbs lighter so far...

Since taking Alpilean every day my flabby arms and belly have dissolved into nothing. It’s honestly like a magic trick because it seems so unreal that something so simple would work so well. | am down 3 dress sizes. I’m so, so proud of my sexy new body. Thank you so much!

Deborah G. – Wyoming, USA

DISCLAIMER: Please note that the result of this program is not typical and will be vary between people. Always consult your physician before you start this program.

Grant has dropped 28 lbs...

I had tried everything, literally every weight loss diet and plan out there and I barely lost a pound. But then I saw the Alpilean video, and it all clicked. I’ve now lost 28 pounds. I’m eating normally but losing more weight than when I was starving myself! I breathe easier and my snoring has stopped, so my wife is happier! I feel a million times more like the dad and husband I should be.

Grant M. – New York, USA

DISCLAIMER: Please note that the result of this program is not typical and will be vary between people. Always consult your physician before you start this program.

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